MTS Leave-in Oven Thermometer
Leave-in-oven Meat Thermometer

MTS Leave In Oven Thermometer


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The MTS ‘Leave-in Oven’ meat thermometer is designed to monitor the internal temperature of your meat while it cooks in the oven.

The specially made stainless steel probe remains inside the oven when roasting or baking, while connected to the digital display unit outside the oven via a stainless steel mesh cord.

A strong magnet on the back of the digital display easily attaches to your oven door, making it easy and convenient to keep an eye on your temperatures.

Typical meat thermometers are not designed for this use, meaning a continual inefficient cycle of opening of your oven door, and probing the meat.

A leave-in oven meat thermometer will simply stay inside your meat until it reaches the desired temperature. Easy!


  • 150mm ( 5 1/2 inch ) leave-in oven stainless steel probe
  • 1000mm ( 39 inch ) steel mesh cord
  • Digital display
  • Timer and temperature alert alarm
  • Range of 40° – 300°C ( 40° – 572°F )
  • Strong magnet on the back of unit ( easily attaches to your Fridge or Oven door )
  • Foldable stand
  • Operates with 1 AAA battery ( included )